Welcome to AMEDx

American Medical Diagnostics Inc. (AMEDx) links practicing clinicians to world-class clinical pathology experts.

Thousands of Americans are injured each year due to errors in interpretation of complex clinical laboratory results.

AMEDx was created to change that.

Our services provide practicing clinicians with answers to complex medical questions; improving the quality of patient care, while reducing costs.

AMEDx provides hospitals and clinical laboratories with work-flow productivity software (DxAuthor) and a secure integrated network to support the development of patient-specific, clinically relevant interpretations; saving valuable clinician time and leveraging existing special expertise in clinical pathology.

DxAuthor is an FDA Class I registered device and our services have been shown to reduce costs and improve the quality patient care.

For more information on AMEDx services or to set up a demonstration, contact us at: info@amedx.com